Termites cause more damage than fire, floods, hurricanes and tornadoes combined!

The first visible sign of termites may be a “swarm” appearing in the spring. If so, then it may only be the tip of the iceberg. Worker termites are active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, foraging for new food sources (wood) and gathering food to nourish the rest of the termite colony: queen, soldiers, reproductive’s and young.

Protect your investment!

Liquid treatments are the tried and true method of termite control. Unlike older chemicals the newer termiticides travel throughout the termites colony. This prevents “budding” or relocation of colony. Once the chemical is transferred the colony is eliminated. Over a decade ago, ACME was one of the first Mid-South companies to use these new termiticides. As a part of treatment ACME Pest Control’s premium grade termiticides will be applied to the soil adjacent to your foundation around the exterior of your home. If voids exist as part of your structure’s foundation or to reach soil under slabs, masonry drilling to access these areas for treatment may be recommended. These protocols are established by the Department of Agriculture and should be consistent among all termite control professionals.